Cryptocurrency Highlights Of The Week

Expedia is the latest big company to accept Bitcoin, while the government has started dumping its seized coins. Here are some random facts of week 24:

  • Whether you will be able to use cryptocurrencies at your travel destination remains uncertain, but at least you can now use Bitcoin to book your hotel. One of the world’s largest travel agents, Expedia, has started to accept Bitcoin transactions as a form of payment.
  • The price of Bitcoin has taken a hit again after the U.S. government announced it will auction almost 30,000 Bitcoins it seized from the online drug market Silk Road. The current value of the coins is roughly $18 million.
  • The FBI seized a total of 144,341 Bitcoins (currently worth $86 million) from Silk Road. The drug market’s servers were shut down and the operator was arrested in Oct, 2013.
  • Minecraft developer Markus Persson launched his first commercial game after the popular building-block video game. The PC-only game titled “Cliffhorse” is provided for free, but allows users to buy “early access” using Dogecoins.
  • Many of the Josh Wise Dogecoin t-shirts have started arriving this week. The t-shirts are just in time for fans to show their support at the NASCAR Sonoma Sprint Cup Race on June 22, which will feature a modified version of the Dogecar.
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