Cryptocurrency Highlights Of The Week

Tech companies such as Apple and Facebook seemed to take a more positive stance towards virtual currencies this week. Here are some random facts of week 23:

  1. The Dogecar will be back faster than anticipated. NASCAR driver Josh Wise announced that enough promotional shirt were sold to partially wrap his car again for the Sonoma Sprint Cup Race on June 22.
  2. Apple has added a section to its developer guidelines that may indicate the company is taking a cautious step towards Bitcoin. The new guideline reads as follows: “Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions.”
  3. Another technological giant, Facebook, has approved two new cryptocurrency tipping apps. Both the Doge Tipping App and the Multicoin Tipping App seem to be the first dedicated tipping services on the platform.
  4. Lawyers have taken notice of Bitcoin and warned that digital currencies may be used to conceal wealth in case of a divorce. Courts in California are already beginning to “issue search and discovery orders of assets that include digital currencies such as Bitcoin.”
  5. If you happen to own JackpotCoin, you certainly hit it this week. The new digital currency saw its value shoot up by more than a 100 percent, and is still up 50 percent compared to the start of the week.
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