Cryptocurrency Highlights Of The Week

“Statistics” is a new post category on Dogeconomist, which will include a recurring round-up of some random facts to wrap up the week. Below the selection for the first week, week 22:

  1. Dish Network has teamed up with Coinbase to offer Bitcoin as a method of payment to its 14 million users, making it the biggest company to accept Bitcoin to date.
  2. Over the past two weeks, the value of Darkcoin fluctuated between roughly five and fifteen dollars. The daily price volatility over this period can be determined at almost 22 percent, about seven times the volatility of Bitcoin.
  3. Bitcoin gained almost 40 percent in the last two weeks, of which most over the past week. With a current price of around $ 600 it is still far from this year’s high of nearly $ 1,000.
  4. Mt.Gox allegedly used two programs named Willy and Markus to buy up to 650.000 coins and push Bitcoin’s price above $ 1,000, before the exchange collapsed in late February.
  5. While Bitcoin’s value is surging, Dogecoin seems to be heading the other way. The current price of $ 0.000336 per coin is only just above the lowest point in the past four months.
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