Cryptocurrency Highlights Of The Week

A new 30-day comment period on New York’s BitLicense proposal has started, and Digiconomist is turning one year old. Here are the cryptocurrency highlights of week 9:

  1. Bitcoin is once again finding its way to shady services. PayPal has stopped payment delivery to Kim Dotcom’s encrypted storage startup Mega over piracy concerns. Afterward, Dotcom hinted that Mega could turn to Bitcoin instead. To what extend users actually use the service to share pirated content is not known, but in any case it is not likely to help Bitcoin improve its reputation.

  2. Another 30-day comment period on the New York’s BitLicense proposal has begun. The comment period will remain open until March 27, 2015. New York can certainly expect many submissions, given that the adjustments already made still raise concerns among the Bitcoin community.

  3. Bitcoin’s price has increased by nearly four percent compared to last week. One coin is current trading at about $253. It is the fourth week in a row without a loss for the digital currency, but it is still trading almost 20 percent lower than at the start of the year.

  4. This post marks the end of Digiconomist’s first year. The first post was published on March 1, 2014. 166 new entries followed afterward. The entire post history can be found on the Archive page.

  5. Top stories on Digiconomist during the first year included a strong warning on national cryptocurrency Auroracoin and similar warnings on popular cloud mining services LTCGear and CoIntellect. None of these are performing very well at the moment to say the least.
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