Cryptocurrency Highlights Of The Week

The price of Bitcoin rallied to a two-month high, and $300,000 worth of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin is lost at exchange mcxNOW. Here are the cryptocurrency highlights of week 46:

  1. The price of Bitcoin rallied this week from $343 to $453 per coin, an increase of more than 30 percent, at the highest point. It was the highest price for one Bitcoin in two months’ time. The current price is at $395 per coin, which is still 15 percent higher than it was at the start of this week.
  2. Bitcoin entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer, also known as “Mr. Bitcoin” has become the first human Bitcoin wallet as a small NFC chip was injected in his hand. Wismeijer explained that he “wanted to experiment with strong bitcoins using subdermal implants because that’s what I thought would be the Holy Grail of contactless payments.” The chips used were not cleared for human use, so future health issues could not be ruled out.
  3. Earlier this year Newsweek claimed to have found the identity of the mysterious founder of Bitcoin with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The story certainly did not convince everyone, and a new candidate seems to have appeared. In a new book Dominic Frisby provides (circumstantial) evidence that researcher Nick Szabo would be behind the digital currency. Szabo himself has denied the allegations.
  4. Benjamin Lawsky, known for pushing the BitLicense, might be resigning from the New York Department of Financial Services in early 2015. It is unclear how this will affect the BitLicense regulation that is still in the making, but it will definitely continue even without Lawsky’s lead.
  5. Cryptocurrency exchange mcxNOW shuts down per today. The close was announced three weeks ago. All coins that have been left at the platform will be destroyed. According to the website 588 Bitcoins ($230,000), 15,331 Litecoins ($60,000), 47 million Dogecoins ($10,000) and several amounts of other cryptocurrencies have not been retrieved. The reason that this many coins have not been retrieved is likely a combination of the fact that the exchange did not communicate via email, together with the relatively short time period users were given to withdraw their coins.
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