Cryptocurrency Highlights Of The Week

Bitcoin Trackers are becoming a reality, and Coinbase is expanding is expanding to the UK. Here are the cryptocurrency highlights of week 18.

  1. Bitcoin Trackers are becoming reality; the Swedish Nasdaq exchange has approved a Bitcoin-based exchange traded note (ETN) that is expected to launch on May 18, 2015. XBT Provider AB is launching the ETN, which allows investors to invest in Bitcoin without having to hold the digital currency.

  2. The publicly traded Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) is intending to bring Bitcoin investing to the U.S. NASDAQ and NYSE. The fund is hoping to compete with the ETF that the Winklevoss twins are hoping to launch, although an investment in BIT does not equal a direct investment in Bitcoin.

  3. Coinbase is extending its services to the United Kingdom. This includes Coinbase Wallet and its recent addition Coinbase Exchange. The latter service was recently launched in the US, although it is only available in a limited number of states.

  4. Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson is known supporter of Bitcoin, and he is now stepping up his game by inviting several cryptocurrency experts to his private island for a conference. The conference will be held from May 25 to May 28, and will be called the Block Chain Summit.

  5. The price of Bitcoin is still on the way up, and closed in the green for the second week in a row. One coin is now trading $8 or 3.5 percent higher compared to last week, at a rate of $235 per Bitcoin.
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