Cryptocurrency Highlights Of The Week

Two former federal agents are accused of stealing Bitcoins, and the St. Petersburg Bowl is no longer known as the Bitcoin Bowl. Here are the cryptocurrency highlights of week 14:

  1. Despite the fact that Greece is still collapsing economically, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis still has time to joke around. On April Fools’ Day an article appeared that stated that Greece was preparing to use Bitcoin as the country’s currency should the Eurogroup negations fail. Varoufakis later confirmed it was a joke, making it to the top cryptocurrency pranks of the day.

  2. Two former federal agents are accused of stealing Bitcoins during the investigation of the underground drug marketplace Silk Road. Together, the two managed to get a hold of more than $1 million worth of Bitcoin through various criminal actions.

  3. The St. Petersburg Bowl is no longer known as the Bitcoin Bowl. Bitcoin payment processor BitPay had a three year contract with ESPN, but the contract was torn up by mutual consent. BitPay also sponsored a driver in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in February this year, but will probably refrain from sponsoring sports events in the near future.

  4. One digital currency that has received a lot of attention recently was LEOCoin. The founders claim that LEOCoin “has 131,176 registered businesses ready to use LEOCoin, potentially making it the “second largest digital currency in the world.” Not bad for a coin that appeared out of nowhere, and sadly not very credible either for a coin that only offers a complete lack of innovation. The developers have also been linked to a pyramid scheme that was running in in 2012.

  5. Bitcoin’s price did not move a lot this week, up just $1 compared to the previous week. One Bitcoin is currently trading at an exchange rate of about $253 per coin.
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