Cryptocurrency Highlights Of The Week

The Bitcoin blockchain could be a potential safe haven for malware, and the Bitcoin Investment Trust is now live. Here are the cryptocurrency highlights of week 13:

  1. Darkcoin has officially rebranded to Dash on March 25. The change was already announced last week and caused a strong increase in the price of the digital currency. After the change was made the coin lost some of it gains, but is currently still trading higher at about $5 compared to roughly $3.50 before the announcement.

  2. Bitcoin-demanding ransomware is targeting computers all over the world, and even held an entire school district in the US hostage. The ransomware spread through the network after it was likely opened from an malicious email. The software demanded 500 BTC ($126,000) in order to release the encrypted data. Fortunately, the district was able to recover from a backup.

  3. The first publicly traded Bitcoin fund Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) is now live with ticker GBTC on OTC Markets. Investors can hold or short shares in the fund to speculate on the future of the digital currency, without having to actually buy or borrow it. These shares are not directly related to Bitcoin, but there will be a strong link as the fund itself invests in Bitcoin.

  4. It turns out that the Bitcoin blockchain could deliver more to its users than simply transaction data. Interpol research suggests that criminals could inject malware into the blockchain, which is subsequently delivered to every computer in the network. This sounds like a potential dream come true for criminals, and therefore a problem that should be addressed by the Bitcoin community.

  5. The price of Bitcoin declined again this week, although the loss per coin this week is limited to about $8. This equal a loss of three percent compared to the previous week. One Bitcoin is currently trading at an exchange rate of around $252 per coin.
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