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Dogecoin turns 3 months old while Roubini slams Bitcoin

This weekend Dogecoin is celebrating it came into existence three months ago; a good moment to assess what it brought to the world of digital currencies. How does it contribute to the global adaptation of cryptocurrencies? What makes it different from Bitcoin, which just got slammed by the …

[New Feature] Latest News on Dogeconomist

As of today Dogeconomist will provide you with all of the latest Virtual Currency related News, from the World’s Leading News Sources. All Sources were handpicked by Dogeconomist, in order to provide a unique feed of only the most relevant and most important headlines. Make sure to bookmark …

Investing in Cryptocurrencies: Price Risk

In the world of virtual money there many people that own cryptocurrencies as a form of investment. The reasons for this may vary from protecting oneself from the inflation that affects fiat money, to speculating on the future of money itself. Whatever the goal may be, one should …

Regulators Struggle: Currency or Commodity?

Following the bankruptcy of Mt.Gox, Japan is now about to clarify their view on Bitcoin. The Japanese government doesn’t consider Bitcoin a currency, and this is unlikely to change. But this doesn’t automatically make Bitcoin a commodity either.

On Auroracoin: Extreme Caution Advised

According to data from Coinmarketcap, the Icelandic cryptocurrency Auroracoin has now passed Litecoin in market capitalization. This would make it the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, following a massive spike of interest from investors during recent days.