Near real-time volatility now available

Near real-time volatility data has been added to Dogelytics. On every refresh it will show the most recent 1-minute volatilities, based on the previous 30 minutes. This is a useful tool for any trader, as it will show what is going on in the markets right now. It can be observed that prices levels can be relatively stable with a 1-minute volatility of just 0.15 percent, but this can quickly increase to 0.5 percent or more. The latter would be ideal for those hoping to see a quick change in their portfolio value, although some might prefer to place an order during stable times. This tool can be used to both purposes.

Update April 27, 2014: 1-minute volatility was replaced by 5-minute volatility to limit data requests. This will provide better insight into recent developments, albeit slower.

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