Many updates! Comments, performance and more

Dogeconomist has undergone a makeover! Apart from visual changes, it´s now possible to comment directly to new posts. You can do this by filling out all the required fields in the comment form below each post, or simply connect through your preferred social media and start commenting without delay! This functionality replaces the forum, which was mainly set up to accommodate blog post discussion.

A social media sidebar has been added to make it easier to find the Dogeconomist social media pages. Follow Dogeconomist on any of the available pages to be notified of our new content. All new posts will be auto published on these platforms. The sidebar is not visible to mobile phone users. Please use the links below to find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (an extra widget will be added soon):

Last but not least, the website performance should be greatly improved. If this is not the case, or if you have any other feedback, please comment below.

Update 19 March, 2014: An extra widget is now available for all users to easily subscribe to various Dogeconomist social media pages.

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