Introducing the Fraud Assessment Tool

Digiconomist has a rich history of fighting cryptocurrency related scams over the lifetime of more than two years now. Extensive fraud risk assessments have become an important part of this over the past 1.5 year, as it provides a standardized and comparable test for the legitimacy of any service subjected to it. Over time these fraud risk assessments have also proven to be effective at identifying scams, and Digiconomist now features almost 50 of these reports. The only obvious downside has always been the fact that new scams tend to appear faster than it’s possible to assess all of them.

It is for this reason that Digiconomist is proud to announce the new Fraud Assessment Tool (or simply FAT). This tool marks a new milestone in our fight against those trying to steal your money, as it helps you in quickly assessing the risk of investing in any cloud mining or investment service. The days that a scam could escape a thorough examination are therefore officially over. Go check out the new tool here.

Note that the tool is released in beta, so please make sure to provide some feedback when using it. The companies that are examined most often will of course still get their own featured report among the other available fraud risk assessments.

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  1. Catalina June 13, 2021
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