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Ethereum has died 16 times

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Dec 11

“Reasons Why Ethereum Could Be Doomed” – GlobalCoinReport | $588.32

“Ethereum is still shrouded in controversy amidst technical and operational deficiencies that raise serious concerns about its long-term prospects.”

Dec 04

“CryptoKitties Is Totally Wrecking the Ethereum Network” – Bitsonline | $462.44

“…a rousing success for CryptoKitties could be disastrous for Ethereum.”

Nov 26

“Parity Hack Shows the Ethereum Ecosystem Is Flawed in Big Ways” – TheMerkle | $462.49

“It is a powder keg waiting to explode at this point, and things only seem to be getting worse. “

Nov 20

“Ethereum is Doomed – Why the Ether Cryptocurrency will Fail in 2018” – OracleTimes| $362.95

“..anyone currently investing in ETH simply can’t be in full control of their own mental faculties.”

Nov 16

“The Neverending Ethereum Disaster” – Robert McGrath | $328.52

“The good ship Ethereum is like the Titanic, except when it sinks they roll back time and sail again—to sink all over again.”

Jun 16

“Ethereum killed by greed” – Medium | $350.77

“Over the last few weeks I actually got 100% sure that Ethereum will hit the iceberg within a few months.”

Dec 06

“Ethereum In Free Fall As Floor Beneath It Drops” – Cointelegraph | $7.58

“While Ethereum was and may still be labeled as a promising technology, it has failed to deliver in terms of either a solid application or in terms of appreciation for the people that have put faith in it.”

Oct 05

“Why I’m short Ethereum (and long Bitcoin)” – Medium | $13.22

“In my view, Ethereum is in direct competition with Bitcoin, and going forward it’ll most likely lose market share against it.”

Sep 07

“How Bitcoin Succeeded Where Ethereum Failed” – CoinJournal | $11.58

“…the network will move away from the base principles that gave the system value in the first place.”

Sep 04

“The Bizarre Fallout of Ethereum’s Epic Fail” – Fortune | $11.76

“But the protocol, long touted as a more sophisticated heir to Bitcoin’s throne, has undeniably been battered. And its most ambitious promise may be down for the count.”

Jun 21

“Bitcoin rival Ethereum fights for its survival after $50 million heist” – Ars Technica | $11.82

“…the events threaten the very survival of the fledgling cryptocurrency.”

Jun 20

“Ethereum is Doomed” – Satoshi Nakamoto Institute | $14.13

“…no Ethereum smart contract should be trusted. Ethereum is doomed.”

Jun 17

“The Fundamental Problems with Ethereum” – Medium | $14.85

“Ethereum is only a competitor to bitcoin in the same way that a 7-year-old’s piggy bank is a competitor to Fort Knox.”

Mar 28

“Counterparty Community Director: Ethereum Can’t Work, it’s 100% Hype” – NewsBTC | $11.53

“Ethereum cant work,” explains DeRose. Be wary about endorsing this project, its 100% hype, with no substance. “No one needs smart contracts.

Mar 09

“Why your Ethereum project will most likely fail” – Medium | $10.67

Any non-trivial project, be it a startup, a political organization or a civil society initiative, will most likely fail.

Dec 25

“Maybe it is too late to save Ethereum” – Wall Street Technologist | $0.88

After having done some preliminary research, I am of the opinion that it may be too late to save it.