Dogeconomist rebranding to Digiconomist

As of today, Dogeconomist will be rebranding to Digiconomist. The new name better fits the scope of this blog, which has always been any relevant financial, economic or regulatory cryptocurrency-related topic. The change therefore does not directly relate to the recent unrest concerning the future of Dogecoin. The latter will remain part of the content presented on Digiconomist.

Most of the content featured here was never limited to just Dogecoin. The completely unrelated story on Auroracoin was even featured by IBT. Dogeconomist reflected that a lot of content was Dogecoin-inspired, but it does not reflect the full diversity of the content. The new name does do that, while Digiconomist can still continue to draw inspiration from Dogecoin.

What will change?

Apart from the name, there will thus not be any significant changes to Digiconomist. If you were following Dogeconomist on any social media, you will automatically follow Digiconomist. Also if you were receiving the newsletter, you will still receive these under the new name. Lastly, internet links to Dogeconomist will automatically refer to Digiconomist.

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