Dogecoin Energy Consumption Index

The Dogecoin Energy Consumption Index provides the latest estimate of the total energy consumption of the Dogecoin network.

Annualized Total Dogecoin Footprints

Electrical Energy

2.93 TWh

Comparable to the power consumption of Mauritius.
Carbon Footprint

1.64 Mt CO2

Comparable to the carbon footprint of Malawi.

Single Dogecoin Transaction Footprints

Electrical Energy

99.77 kWh

Equivalent to the power consumption of an average U.S. household over 3.37 days.
Carbon Footprint

55.65 kgCO2

Equivalent to the carbon footprint of 123,340 VISA transactions or 0 hours of watching Youtube.

Did you know?

Since Dogecoin runs on the same proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism as Bitcoin and Ethereum, its environmental impact is just as substantial as that of the latter two. The magnitude of the environmental impact of PoW-based cryptocurrencies is strongly linked to their market value. Generally, the higher the price of these assets, the more profitable mining becomes and the bigger the incentive for miners to spend more money on resources like hardware and energy. This holds true for Dogecoin, which has uniquely merged its mining process with that of the cryptocurrency Litecoin. By calculating the proportional contribution of Dogecoin to the combined rewards paid out to Litecoin/Dogecoin miners, we can easily assess Dogecoin’s share of their joint environmental impact.

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