Details for proposed Dogecoin block schedule

During the weekend one of Dogecoin‘s developers raised the possibility of changing the cryptocurrency’s block schedule. Both the changes and possible consequences have already been covered previously, yet some unclarity remains on how this would change the block schedule exactly. To examine this in detail, first consider the current schedule below (inflation rates have been annualized):

Current Block Schedule


The suggested change was limited to the following statement “instead of waiting for a halving, I intend on implementing a taper-down system, whereby the value of Doge blocks will decrease by 5k every month” and “we will then settle on a final point of 5k (rather than 10k)”. To turn this into a detailed schedule, it is required to make several assumptions.

To start, it is not mentioned when the change would become effective. With only a little over a month to go until the next halving, it is assumed that the start date would be equal to the date of the next halving. It is also not clear how many blocks will be between each block reward decrease. Given that this will happen “every month”, this number is assumed to be 45,000 (this roughly fits in one month). The previous parameters translate to the following block schedule:

Proposed Block Schedule

It should be noted that all future dates are still estimates. As stated before, it can be seen how the changes would cause a prolonged state of hyperinflation, before causing the coin to enter a deflationary state once the final reward schedule is reached. In any case, the change would mark the most radical change to Dogecoin’s (or any cryptcurrency’s) foundations in current history. Although it should be stressed that for now it remains nothing more than a proposal.

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