Changes to Digiconomist

This month Digiconomist is celebrating five years of blogging. During this time, the website has received more than a million visits. Thanks to everyone for helping to achieve these amazing numbers!

In order to continue to expand, Digiconomist will be dropping its sole focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This change was previously announced on Twitter, and relates to the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are now well past the peak of their hype cycle, while other emerging technologies are increasingly deserving of receiving some attention.

After five years of writing about #Bitcoin/#cryptocurrencies/#blockchain Digiconomist will be dropping the sole focus on this subject area. The hype is dying, and there’s plenty of other digital trends with unintended consequences that deserve some attention.— Digiconomist (@DigiEconomist) 3 maart 2019

Each new technology brings their own unique challenges (as illustrated by the gigantic environmental impact that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has), which tends to get lost in the optimism that accompanies them. From now on, Digiconomist will be a platform “dedicated to exposing the unintended consequences of digital trends“.


The previous change of focus also means that some of the historic content on Digiconomist will no longer be maintained. The cryptocurrency exchange reviews are an example of such content, and have thus been removed from the website. The “Ethereum Obituaries” are scheduled for deletion, and the “Fraud Risk Assessments” section will undergo a thorough review (although the majority will most likely remain available, just like the “Fraud Assessment Tool“).

#Bitcoin exchange reviews will no longer be maintained and have been removed from the website.— Digiconomist (@DigiEconomist) 24 maart 2019

On top of this, the monthly Bitcoin sustainability reports will no longer be produced. The content will remain available, but only through an automatic feed on a new dedicated page: “Bitcoin Historic Sustainability Performance“.

Monthly #Bitcoin #Sustainability reports will no longer be produced. Instead, monthly summaries will automatically feed to a new page: “Bitcoin Historic Sustainability Performance”— Digiconomist (@DigiEconomist) 26 maart 2019

Lastly, anything that is research-related (like the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index) will continue to receive proper maintenance and social media coverage.

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