Bitcoin beats Dogecoin to Twitch

Just one week after it was confirmed that Google would acquire game-streaming service Twitch in a deal worth $1 billion, Twitch announced that it was partnering up with payment services company Xsolla. Xsolla offers Bitcoin support via Coinbase. Users will be able to use Bitcoins to pay for the turbo subscriptions that Twitch offers. What this will mean for Google and Bitcoin remains to be seen, but in any case it makes Bitcoin the first cryptocurrency to arrive on Twitch. Even though Twitch has 50 million viewers, the Bitcoin community is unlikely to be impressed by this given other recent announcements. For example, Expedia, Dell and Wikipedia were among the biggest organizations to add Bitcoin to their payment or donation options recently.

Tipping on Twitch

For Dogecoin, however, the news could be a big disappointment. In May it was already announced that Josh Mohland and David Dvorak, founders of the dogetipbot on Reddit, would be bringing Dogecoin tipping to Twitch. The news was confirmed by a Twitch representative. Until today, Dogecoin tipping still has not been implemented on Twitch. Hence, Dogecoin has already lost the battle to be the first cryptocurrency on Twitch. But with Google’s acquisition of Twitch, it has become uncertain whether Dogecoin will ever make it to the platform at all. The idea of Dogecoin integration on Twitch could possibly be scrapped now that Google is in charge. Mohland declined to comment to on this.

But even if Dogecoin still gets integrated into the website, Twitch’s addition of Bitcoin to its payment options makes it seem unlikely that Dogecoin will get its own exclusive functionality on the platform. This would be a big loss for Dogecoin, which struggles like many other altcoins in their attempt to offer some unique utility.

Support crumbling

The Dogecoin community already had to deal with several other disappointments recently. The Dogecoin massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) Voidspace Kickstarter was cancelled. The project team will continue their work, but needed the funds to be able to finish the game’s development over a two year period. Voidspace would implement other currencies besides Dogecoin, but chose Dogecoin as their frontrunner. As the game would not be finished soon anyway, the impact of a delay or cancellation is not that big. Worse was the decision by Amagi Metals to stop accepting Dogecoin specifically.

In the meanwhile Dogecoin’s backbone, its community, has started crumbling over the recent weeks causing even more concerns. Several days ago, one community members pointed out that the community size was decreasing, and that something had to be done to turn the tide. Citing user Nife5: “The truth is that we didn’t have any serious PR stunt since the Dogecar fundraising […] Since this, we’ve been quite asleep, suggesting, forgetting and failing a lot of fundraisers. We even failed several community votes. ” With both companies and community members ditching the meme-based cryptocurrency, it certainly seems like the coin could use a big boost.

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