Digiconomist Income Statement 2014

Digiconomist was officially launched in March 2014, and has for a large part been dedicated to promoting (financial) transparency for cryptocurrency related entities. For this reason, Digiconomist will also report on its annual income. The annual income statement for 2014 can be found below.

Income Statement 2014


It should be noted that advertisements were removed during the year, as Digiconomist intends to be a noncommercial source of information. The option to donate instead seems to suffer from a lack of visibility, which will need to improve in 2015 to cover the operating expenses.


As it was the first year for Digiconomist, this year included many non-recurring expenses that were required to set it up. Additional costs were incurred due to Dogeconomist rebranding to Digiconomist,  which better reflected the content featured on the website.

Bottom line

Overall, 2014 was a successful year despite the negative income. The website welcomed almost 7,000 unique visitors during the first month and is still steadily growing each month, even though new content has been a bit limited in recent months. This year has provided a solid foundation to build on, with a lot of room to expand in 2015.

Happy New Year!